Bartering Zoom is an innovation platform to get rid of unwanted item(s). This platform has been designed to provide the ultimate user friendly experience with easy navigation and functionality throughout, allowing users to find and sell or trade item easily and quickly.

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This website help users find that person and match item they are looking for with item available to trade. We want to make the website simple to navigate and not over complicate a simple process.

Easy recipe for trade:
1. Go through house and attic rounding up items you don’t use or rarely use.
2. Post item(s) on www.barteringzoom.com . its Free Classified ad Posting Online
3. Search for items of interest.
4. Check your trade offers regularly to see what other users have offered you.
5. Only select offers that you would love to have.

Why Choose Us

The concept of bartering has been around for centuries. However, it has fallen out of use but we are bringing it back! As students, we observed first-hand how difficult it is to combine education expenditure with daily life expenses. With limited resources to satisfy unlimited needs and wants, students are vulnerable when it comes to scarcity of money.

Our Mission

We believe every item has a value and there is no such thing as trash. BZ help users find what they need with little or no money. The website is very simple to navigate. You should check it out, create a free account, post a few things and then start trading with people. It is insanely addictive! Nothing to lose, everything to gain. What are you waiting for, get started for FREE today!

Only Creative Solutions

Against this vein, we created BZ to make it easier for people to get rid of or acquire wanted item for everyday use. we believe “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure “ and money isn’t always the “King”. By Bartering we can reduce our spending by using our Unused/Unwanted items or services as a medium of exchange “NOT using our CASH”.