1. Clients will sell goods and services at their current or prevailing retail prices for trade credit to other clients in good standing with Bartering Zoom. Dollars must be accepted for the total value (100%) of a transaction unless prior arrangements have been made with Bartering Zoom.

2. Members of Bartering Zoom selling products or services for inflated prices will be given one warning. If a member continues to sell products or services substantially above retail or continues to charge a premium for barter transactions, that member will be expelled from the Bartering Zoom and forfeit all funds in their account.

3. Bartering Zoom shall not be considered as legal tender, securities or commodities, by either Bartering Zoom or its clients, and may not be redeemed for cash.

4. Buyers must identify themselves to the seller as a Bartering Zoom member PRIOR to making purchase arrangements. Trade between clients without the knowledge or approval of Bartering Zoom is prohibited, and if consummated, is subject to a cash transaction fee from both the buyer and the seller at the current Bartering Zoom rates. Continued violation of this policy will result in expulsion from the Bartering Zoom.

5. Bartering Zoom shall not be responsible for any and all disputes between buyer and seller. Said disputes shall be settled by the parties themselves. Bartering Zoom transactions are entered into on a voluntary basis by buyer and seller. Bartering Zoom shall not be responsible for the service quality, delivery, warranty, or dispute between buyer and seller.

6. All clients further agree not to use proprietary information, clients or systems as a separate or independent company or partner with any other companies with the purpose of doing business in the barter and trade industry.

7. An authorization must be obtained from Bartering Zoom for each purchase.

To receive credit for a transaction, Seller must:

Obtain an authorization number either by logging in to the website or calling Bartering Zoom for each transaction at the time of purchase.

➢ Obtain an authorization / process the sale within 30 days of transaction.

Transaction reversals must occur within 30 days of sale. Buyer and seller will forfeit any transaction fees for reversals processed beyond 30 days.

If, after one year, an account has not had any activity (buy or sell), and the account remains with a zero balance, Bartering Zoom shall have the right to close that account. Client acknowledges that, from time to time, Client firms will cease doing business, abandon or otherwise exit the Bartering Zoom network leaving a debit or credit balance in their barter account. Further, Bartering Zoom maintains an account termed “Reserve” wherein the debit or credit balances are charged or credited. If Bartering Zoom loses contact with an account due to a disconnected telephone and/or continued returned mail, and the Client has not attempted to notify Bartering Zoom of this change of status, Bartering Zoom will close the account after 60 days and credit any barter dollars to Bartering Zoom’s Reserve account.

Memberships may not be transferred or sold without Bartering Zoom approval.

Client’s monthly statement will be considered accurate as printed unless the Bartering Zoom accounting department is notified of any discrepancy within 10 days of receipt.

8. Bartering Zoom may place a Client’s account on hold and/or cancel this agreement if one or more of the following situations exist:

Bartering Zoom has received 2 written complaints on a given Client for either proof of poor performance or attempting to charge in excess of Client’s retail prices.

Client has committed fraud, either on other Clients or against Bartering Zoom.

Client is not following his/her contractual agreement with Bartering Zoom.

Client has exhibited unprofessional behavior in dealing with Bartering Zoom staff or in the conduct of bartering with other Bartering Zoom Clients.

Cash fees: Any Client checks returned to Bartering Zoom for insufficient funds, or any other financial deficiency, will be assessed a $25 cash fee. All fees are due and payable within 10 days of the date on the monthly statement. Bartering Zoom will charge a cash late fee on any cash balance outstanding. Accounts 30 days in arrears will be placed on Buy Hold until balance is paid.

Client has read these Policies and Procedures, which are binding upon the Client fully as the conditions and provisions of Client Agreement. In the event this Agreement is signed on behalf of the Corporation, the individual signing the Agreement on behalf of the Corporation does hereby agree to be individually liable for full performance by said Corporation on this Agreement.

In the event any dispute is referred to an attorney with or without suit, the prevailing party shall be reimbursed for attorney fees and reasonable collection costs. Any court action shall take place in the County of record for Bartering Zoom.

9. Bartering Zoom may, at its option, request advance payment of Client Transaction fees. Outstanding fees and fees on the barter balance are due in advance of any spend out.

10. Bartering Zoom is a third-party record keeper reporting all sales to the Internal Revenue Service.

11. Bartering Zoom access 5% commission on every sales executed.

Bartering Zoom makes no representation or warranty either express or implied, and disclaims all liability, as to the fitness, quality, delivery date, merchantability, prices or any term of any barter transaction. Member agrees to indemnify and hold Bartering Zoom harmless with respect to any claim, debt, or liability whatsoever, arising out of any transaction wherein the Member is a Buyer or Seller. Member acknowledges that any transaction facilitated by the Bartering Zoom, in which Member participates is entered into by Member on a voluntary basis. Member agrees to waive any claim, debt, or liability whatsoever against Bartering Zoom arising out of any computer or software malfunction or processing errors.